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Business Process Outsourcing Services

Global markets continue to oscillate between attempts to shake-off the recent unprecedented withering of the economic downturn and bouts of pessimism. Enterprises seek a partner who can not only manage and execute their business processes but also help them develop effective business processes to achieve strategic goals and undertake transformation initiatives to address the market forces.
GAT BPO, one of the largest BPO providers, manages and executes your business processes, thus allowing you to focus on expanding your business.
Client Challenges
High cost and inefficient processes
Decentralized and non-standardized operations
Limited and non-standard technology deployment
Limited availability of skill pool with the requisite domain knowledge
Ineffective processes leading to revenue loss and increased time-to-market
Scarcity of capital

what GAT provides
With our in-depth domain expertise, we provide you with analytics & insights and deliver core business processes across industries in addition to SG&A processes such as Financial Accounting, HR and Supply Chain Management.
We are unique in our ability to deliver value beyond SG&A processes. We help you not only reduce your COGS but also identify new revenue streams. Our technology prowess and transformation methodology (FOREâ„? assists you in your journey toward best-in-class processes delivering both efficiency and effectiveness.
We continue to innovate the business processes delivery through business models such as Platform BPO, engagement models and pricing models.

By partnering with us, you benefit from our:
Industry domain expertise
Analytics & Insights capability
Business transformation model: Platform BPO
Delivery excellence

Business Value

Improve efficiencies and effectiveness: We use various levers such as up to 30% cost reduction through labor arbitrage, up to 25% increased throughput or reduced TAT through automation and, to top it all, a potential 100%+ benefit through process optimization.
Align strategically to support the evolving business needs: We allow you to work smart through delivery excellence and risk management and partner with you to address greenfield markets and bring out new products faster.
Drive business processes to fore: We help you become the leader in your business. FORE� GAT�comprehensive assessment model and road-map for journey toward best-in-class business processes, drives accelerated co-transformation through right balance of scale and time to benefit. We have demonstrated success in guaranteeing robust execution, mitigating risk and driving growth.

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