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In today’s resurgent global economy, insurers seek to focus on growth and improved customer / producer experience. We, at GAT, understand your need to integrate the existing and disparate back-end legacy systems to bring in flexibility and enable speed-to-market with product launches.

Client Challenges
Extended cycle times (especially for new products)
Pressures to leverage existing assets and investments due to reduced TCOs
Dynamic partner landscapes with demanding customers and stakeholders who demand better corporate performance
Disparate and cumbersome legacy systems that hinder efficient system integration with multiple trade partners to provide seamless customer / partner self-service experience
Increased need to streamline underwriting and claims management for improved costs and operational efficiencies
Constant need for innovation to retain market position
Enhanced self-service capability at all sales and service touch points
Lack of streamlined development, deployment and maintenance processes
Need for a more responsive / agile IT to meet business needs and requirements

What GAT Provides
GAT’s insurance offerings are simple and efficient, and yet capable of sophisticated functionality. Our full-services play offerings are backed by our expertise across all industry segments and the entire insurance value chain. Leveraging three decades of experience with over 90 regional and global insurers, we partner with you to bring about effective change and tackle business challenges.
At GAT, we have the experience, expertise and capabilities to help you innovate and transform your insurance enterprise.
Our services include end-to-end solutions for the following lines of businesses:
Life and annuities
Property & casualty (P&C)
Health insurance
Specialty lines

GAT Insurance Value Chain
Business Value

At GAT, we work with you as partners to achieve improved operational efficiencies, reduced costs and customer / partner satisfaction, such as the following:
Smart phone applications that enable customer interactivity across a diverse range of financial services
A 15% increase in field productivity in the emerging wealth management space with the skillful leveraging of combined with GAT�domain expertise
An increase in target customer acquisition rates
A 50% reduction in operational costs with improved customer satisfaction / retention for BPO and retirement services
A 10% increase in fraud detection
Increased predictive capabilities to boost client likeliness to buy additional products
A 50% reduction in product development times
Optimization and alignment of business processes with organizational strategies

Products and Solutions
GAT's Insurance is a state-of-the-art, web-based insurance product suite that provides efficient service delivery across all lines of business (property and casualty, individual and group life, and reinsurance). The breadth of the solution caters to the following end-to end insurance operations:

Product configuration
New business
Policy administration
Claims administration
Intermediary and commission management

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